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Cities around the world, in general, have had to deplete air quality indices in the recent past. Due to various human activities, pollution has reached despicable heights. The air consists of various elements which might prove to be hazardous to one’s health. Health care experts recommend that people, especially those suffering from respiratory diseases such as asthma and the like should employ the usage of these masks regularly.

Further, healthy people should wear these masks for precaution and prevention of possible respiratory ailments. The best part about these masks is that they are easily available at a low cost and are very easy to use and store. They take not more than second to be put on and have the ability to protect one from potentially hazardous diseases. Hence, one should consider buying the best anti pollution mask India.

Features of the best anti-pollution mask

To buy a mask which is effective and cost-efficient, one should keep certain factors in mind;

    1. Knowing the pollutants.

One should know the type of predominant pollutants in the air; they may be gases, particulates, other salts and noxious substances in the atmosphere. Accordingly one can invest in a mask which offers the highest protection against them.

    1. Specifications of the mask

Many experts suggest the usage of N-95 and N-99 masks for anti-pollution effects. The codes mentioned in the names of these masks mark their filtration capability; that is N-95 masks are capable of filtering out 95% particulate matter and likewise, the other one as well.

  1. Quality

A mask suitable for all pollutants such as metal salts, etc comes with a coating of absorbents such as alumina; one must be mindful of this aspect when one is investing in an anti-pollution mask.

Our Top picks for Best Mask for Air Pollution in India



1. Urbangabru N99 Anti Pollution Mask with 4 layer protective filters PM 2.5 system

This N99 anti-pollution mask is designed with a 4 layer protective filters system. It offers complete coverage and protection from dust, air pollution, vehicle emissions, microorganism etc. It helps in saving one from potential diseases that can be caused due to polluted air. It is made of soft material which offers great comfort for long wear. It has a breathing valve which makes it easy to breathe and saves one’s mouth and faces from harmful pollutants.


  • N99 protections prevent pollution including PM2.5, automobile gases and dust & microorganism.
  • Made of soft material.
  • Breathing valve helps in easy breathing.
  • Can be worn for longer durations while travelling, in the hospital, outdoors.


  • It is very high in price as compared to others available in its category.

2. Vocado Cotton Mouth Nose Cover Anti-pollution Mask (Black, Pack of 3)

This mask is great whether one needs it for surgical reasons or to filter out dust, germs, smoke & pollen. Further, these masks help in preventing cross-contamination. They offer a great fit, are extremely comfortable and are made of pure cotton. This makes them great for longer wear as breathability is easy and convenient, unlike other synthetic masks. Great fitting

  • Comfortable
  • Anti-pollution Mask
  • Perfect Fit
  • Reliable performance
  • There are no cons to these masks, as such.

3. AllExtreme EXAPM2T Anti Pollution Over the Ear Mask Adult

AllExtreme Air Filter Face Mask is a must-buy product for outdoor activities to ensure the health and safety of one’s respiratory system. This mask offers a unique ventilation design, excellent permeability, minimal air resistance & skin-friendly fabric. It is ideal for both women and men for use during outdoor activities, which might be strenuous such as hiking, running, camping and also for day to day use. This mask is capable of filtering out dust, germs, seasonal allergies, smoke, pollution, ash, and pollen. The size of this mask is perfect and capable of fitting everybody, regardless of face shape or size. It is probably the best mask for pollution.

  • Breathable and highly comfortable.
  • One size fits everybody
  • Great affordable anti-pollution mask.
  • The composition is mixed material and might become slightly difficult for long wear due to breathability issues, especially in warmer temperatures.

4. Riderscart Anti Pollution Mask Washable Dust Mask

This anti-pollution mask offers protection from PM 2.5, Dust, pollen. It is great to protect oneself from the hazards of pollution and especially. The 3 layers comprise of the first layer of cotton, the second is hot air cotton, and the third layer is PP melt-blown fabric. It filters out and protects from tiny particle, bacteria, smoke and pollen. Further, it is very comfortable with a great fit with adjustable nose bridge bar and ear loop. Moreover, it is washable, and can be reused time and again. 

  • Perfect protection against cold, snow, wind and sun in winter which is a cut out for nose breathing.
  • The face mask is made of soft material and is super light which makes it very pleasant to wear in all seasons
  • The face mask is made such a way to provide maximum protection in all kinds of weather
  • It is made up of neoprene, which is essentially a synthetic rubber and might be problematic for some in higher temperatures.

5. Disposable Air Pollution & Protection Mask Face Mask Nose Mask

This mask is the best pollution mask for Delhi which filters the air when one is in an area with a high concentration of air pollution, chemicals, dust, smoke, pollen, ash, mould, clay, etc. It can be used for travelling, especially by open roof modes of transport such as bicycles, scooters which protects one from dust & pollution and also from a wide range of pollutants in traffic. It does not impair breathing, voice & vision while wearing this mask. It has soft Ear Straps which are very Easy to Adjust and is ideal for every day to day activity as well as doctors, surgeons other health care experts as well as people working near construction sites, to protect themselves from dust and other particles.

  • It is made of Eco-Friendly Cotton which is Breathable and absorbent
  • It is lightweight and can be carried around easily.
  • It can be washed and reused several times.
  • It provides more breathing space for the face and better eliminates heat.
  • It is not as effective as an N95 or N99 mask against particulate matter.

6. Wildcraft w95 hypasheild coloured reusable outdoor mask-large

This mask has been engineered with a 6-layered triple filtration system and is reusable up to 30 gentle hand washes. Carefully designed for all weather conditions, keeping breathability and comfort in mind, this mask can keep one safe from dangerous microbes, pollutants, dust, particulate matter, and smoke from vehicle exhausts, factories, bushfires, etc. 

  • Mask is reusable up to 30 gentle hand washes
  • tested as per standards set by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards)
  • 95%+ Particle filtration efficiency (PFE) for variable size particles & Bacteria
  • Protects against accidental fluid/sneeze droplets from reaching the user’s nose and mouth
  • There are no cons to this mask, as such.

7. Fashiol Dust Masks Breathable Reusable for Outdoor Sport Half Face Ear loop Mask

This mask is greatly suited for all outdoor and indoor activities like bike riding, highway driving, mountain driving, sports activities, trekking, cycling etc. The lightweight and easy to wear design makes it easy to carry around, and one size fits all. It is friendly for sensitive skin and is highly breathable and absorbent. 

  • The mask helps to filter out 99 per cent of pollutants and toxins. 
  • Material is Breathable and absorbent.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin, Lightweight.
  • A perfect facial fit with elastic ear loops.
  • None, as such.

Buying Guide

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Due to modernization, there has been an increased demand for things which has propelled the coming up of numerous industries. This, along with increased vehicles plying on roads and other industrial activities has increased the concentration of exhausts in the atmosphere. In this wake, it is highly recommended to protect oneself from such pollutants which are potential threats and can cause serious harm to one’s health. Therefore, one should consider investing in the best pollution mask in India.