Best headphones with mic in India 2020


Razer Kraken X USB Ultralight Gaming Headset: 7.1 Surround Sound

241 Reviews


UBON SP-31 3.5mm in-Ear Earphone with Mic Clear Sound

320 Reviews


Cosmic Byte GS410 Headphones with Mic and for PS4

4007 Reviews

A good pair of headphones can keep one entertained for long durations. What’s more, headphones are a versatile device which can be utilized while doing different activities; doing dishes, mowing the lawn, travelling, studying, and the list could go on and on. One might choose to maintain privacy in a room full of people by using headphones. Additionally, one might use them to hear music, or listen to audio books; these activities can be greatly influenced by the sound quality that the headphones offer.

The audio quality influences the media consumption experience manifold. A lot headphones are available in the market; however, they don’t serve their exact purpose as they don’t address all the features which a good pair of headphones should. That said, it is not only the devices on the higher end of the spectrum which offer great quality, but there are several cheaper ones which make the cut. Therefore, this article outlines the best headphones with mic in India, in order to make one’s listening experience achieve new heights.

Features of best headphones with Mic

To make the most out of one’s listening experience, headphones come backed with a wide range of features to increase convenience, enjoyment and suit one’s preferences.

Noise Cancellation: The most advanced headphones come with this feature wherein the music signals cancel the surrounding noise. This is a great feature for deep focus and a greater performance.

Bluetooth: Almostall devices come with the Bluetooth technology nowadays. Therefore, if one seeks to have a wireless connection experience with their tablets, laptops or other devices, then such Bluetooth headphones are the best bet.

Microphone: This is a great feature for people who use headphones for taking calls. This enables one to answer phone calls and also listen to music. This might seem like a fancy feature, however, it is available in low cost headphones as well, and has been included in the list of best headphones with mic under 500.

Best headphones with mic in India 2020



1. Cosmic Byte GS410 Headphones with Mic

This pair of headphones is the best suitable for gamers. One of the best headphones with mic under 1000, they provide the best experience while gaming, and for listening songs as well. They come with a 3.5mm jack and a microphone. The ear pads are soft cushioned and the head pad is adjustable. It offers clarity of sound as well as deep bass. Further, comes with a smart in-line control for sound and mic.

  • over ear headset with cushioned padding for comfort.
  • Extremely low in cost
  • Great clarity of sound for a good experience.

  • The bass quality isn’t that good.
  • The audio quality suits gaming, but not for music.
  • The head pad is not that comfortable and might pose uneasiness.

2. Zebronics 1000HMV Headphones with Mic

This model is an extremely attractive one to look at, at the price it comes. It boasts of an accurate optical sensor, and a plug and play setup. It further comes with a warranty, and is compatible with PCs as well. The cable length is 2m and the jack is a dual 3.5mm one. With cushioned ear cups and an adjustable mic, this pair is perfect for casual listening as well as gaming, being the best headphones with mic under 2000.

  • Great Sound quality.
  • Clarity is great and ability to cancel surrounding noise.
  • Great aesthetic appeal
  • The cable isn’t long enough.
  • The headband is not very comfortable to wear for longer durations.

3. Wayona Noise Cancelling Neckband BT 5.0 Headphones with Built-in Magnets with TF Card Slot

These are a great choice for people who are involved in strenuous activities, or choose to stay active in general. Since they have built-in magnets which let the user wear them like a necklace around the neck to offer convenience, being the best headphones with mic for mobile. Further, they are Bluetooth backed, and hence can be paired with other devices for a hands free experience. They are quite lightweight too, and hence increase comfort for the user. Moreover, all the calls, battery alerts and other notifications are directed to the headphones.

  • Cost effective for the quality of features.
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Extremely light weight.
  • Hands free experience with the magnetic shells.
  • The sound quality is not as impressive.
  • There might be issues with the Bluetooth pairing.

4. Gaming Headset with Mic,Noise Cancellation Surround Sound Over Ear Headphones

These are one of the higher end headphones with superior features. They come with a 57mm Hi-fi driver which enables a clear sound. Additionally, there is a noise cancelling microphone which can be adjusted by the user. This is a pure gaming headphone with compatibility options for xbox, PS4, PC, Laptops, Mac, tablets as well as phones. It has a standard 3.5mm jack and a quality cable. Further, there is USB interface for power supply.

  • One of the best headphones with mic for pc
  • Noise cancellation and sound clarity.
  • Slightly on the higher side of budget.

5. UBON SP-31 3.5mm in-Ear Earphone with Mic Clear Sound Audio & Dynamic Bass

The ubon earphones are the perfect fit for the people who find the classic headphones bulky or uncomfortable for use. They are regular earphones with a compatibility with tablets, laptops and mobile phones. They are in-ear and extremely light weight. One of their best features is their cost effectiveness, beingbest headphones with mic under 500. The sound quality is great.

  • One of the cheapest earphones in the market.
  • Light weight.
  • Good bass.
  • The sound clarity is not that great.

6. Razer Kraken X USB Ultralight Gaming Headset: 7.1 Surround Sound

These headphones have an immersive, 7.1 Surround Sound. They are one of the lightest usb headsets, weighing around 270 gms. They have an impressive microphone which reduces background noise and offers clarity in communication. They have a control for volume and muting the mic for convenient control and adjustment. Further, the built quality is extremely strong and flexible, ensuring durability.

  • Some of the best features.
  • Strong built quality for lasting experience.
  • Great clarity of sound.
  • The bass is not that great.
  • It isn’t compatible with some gaming devices.

7. (Renewed) Logitech G431 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset with DTS Headphone (Black)

This pair of headphones comes backed with big 50 mm audio drivers an immersive gaming experience. Further, there is a 6mm mic which ensures quality communication. For an expansive gaming experience, it has 3D audio that goes beyond 7.1 channels which gives a surreal experience of being present in the midst of the game itself. They are compatible with PC, Mac and most of the gaming consoles such as PS4, Xbox, Nintendo switch and other mobile devices with its 3.5 mm standard jack.

  • One of the best gaming headphones with great specs.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Compatibility with almost all devices.
  • Slightly higher end and on the costlier side.

Buying Guide

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Since headphones have become so indispensable, it is only fair that one owns a pair which has the right quality, appearance as well as price. Moreover, one which has all features including a mic. A microphone is a great addition in this device to make the listening experience even better and convenient if one chooses to take calls using it. Therefore, this article recommended the best headphones with microphone for making the listening experience even great.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, all headphones are not compatible with Bluetooth devices. However, there are several which are.

No, the microphone which comes with the headphones is attached to it for convenience, and cannot be taken off of the device.

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