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Reviews of Best Music Systems



1. Bose Lifestyle LS48SL DVD Home Entertainment System

Topping the list, this music system is from Bose. Bose, a music expert due to the outstanding gadgets it provides. Its products are not just reliable but are of high quality too. Extreme thought and consideration stand behind the making of the same. With the technology that this system is built on, several features come in handy. 

An appropriate music system for home as it analyses your room and adjusts the sound of the system automatically. With this feature, the hassle of setting up and controlling the system is less. In addition, the system is capable of doing the changes on its own. This system not just organizes but also stores up to 340 hours of music. Get ready to party all night long with because this music system has you covered.

  • Self-adjusting capabilities
  • Outstanding quality
  • Provides 340 hours of music
  • Difficult to set up on your own

2. Sony DAV-DX375 5.1 Channel DVD Home Theater System

This best music system in India is brought to you by Sony. A perfect system, which incorporates the latest video as well as audio technologies, is here. Perfect for movie nights with families or karaoke dinners, this system is efficient and works wonders. The system comes along with clear instructions and well-labeled parts. It makes it extremely easy for you to connect all the parts on your own. Along with this, the allowance to connect the same to portable digital music players makes it a win-win. 

The system also has an outstanding feature that alters the settings on its own. It matches the volume of its source for efficiency. The source can be different from music to movies that require different volume throw. There are also a number of different features that make the system great. The system has multiple speakers and is accompanied by a good quality amplifier. The entire set includes a center speaker, front speaker, and subwoofer speaker and surrounds speakers.

  • Effective and efficient
  • Easy to set up
  • Good video and audio output
  • It does not work well with digital inputs

3. Sony HT7200DH Component Home Theater System - Black

Moving on is another efficient music system model by Sony. This system promises to make up the best sound system for the home. The system provides you with all that you need to make your perfect home theatre. It is perfect for a boy’s Xbox night or a movie night with your family. It has an amazing sound as well as video output. Above all, this system complements the goodwill and brand name of Sony, which makes it worth buying.

With all of the above, the music system is Bluetooth efficient too. It lets you play music or videos from other devices. The price of the music system is set appropriately, which comes along with the perfect set of features.

  • Amazing sound output
  • Appropriate pricing
  • Works well with an AUX as well as is Bluetooth efficient
  • Not easy to set up on your own
  • Requires proper space

4. iBall Tarang Classic 2.1 Multimedia Speaker with Bluetooth, USB, FM Radio & Remote Control

Next on the list of best music system for home in India is by the ball. This music system is made from premium, high-quality wood to provide the all-natural feel to the sound. This set comprises of three different speaker pieces and remote control. Along with that, it lets you decide on what you wish to hear. That is, you can choose from the abundant options like Bluetooth, FM, uses an AUX and many more. It offers you the music you wish to hear. 

For fine-tuning the settings as you please, there is a remote control provided along. This makes your life very easy and convenient, as you can make all the required alterations. There is also bass provided. Additionally, there are the treble controls that help you keep everything under control. With extraordinary sound experience, this sound system is great for house parties and other family functions.

  • Customizable settings
  • Provision of remote control
  • A natural product
  • Accessible to different modes, like Bluetooth, FM, etc.
  • No AUX setting
  • All settings are only available on the remote

5. Philips Dhoom MMS2580B/94 Home Theater System

Moving on, the next sound system is from Philips- a sound system that is not just modern in looks but in functionality too. This sound system consists of three speaker pieces. It is great to attach them to televisions or computers. They provide high quality and outstanding sound quality. It passes for a system that is perfect for playing games or listening to music on. Moreover, this music system allows you to choose between the different audio settings like Bluetooth, AUX, or FM. 

These sets of speakers have a powerful bass. Above all, one can put it up anywhere in the house without disturbing much of the settings. Designed for a great musical experience, with an elegant body, is what this sound system sums up into. 

  • Good sound quality
  • Works well with AUX, Bluetooth, FM and more
  • Modern design
  • Works well only in a small room

6. iBall Musi Bar High Power Compact Soundbar with Multiple Playback Options

Next on the list is a compact, stylish, and powerful soundbar that gives an extremely good musical experience. This speaker is not just handy but compact too that makes it easy to pick and move, anywhere. This speaker can become your picnic companion or your party booster due to its outstanding sound quality. The system also has multiple options to play your music from. Connect your tablets, phones, or computers via Bluetooth or use the AUX cable. You can also use your pen drive or SD card to listen to the music stored on it. It makes a great product for someone who does not wish to invest a lot in a sound system. And still requires quality and satisfaction.

  • Built on a good technology
  • Easy connectivity
  • Great paper yield
  • Modern look
  • A little heavy

7. Singing Machine SML385BTW Top Loading CDG Karaoke System

Last on the list is the Singing Machine which is perfect for house dance parties. This sound system is perfect for karaoke nights, as the provision of the two microphones helps in the same. And with those disco lights, it gives out the perfect dance party vibe you want to achieve.  For different uses and occasions, you can customize the settings easily. Along with the other features, this system is Bluetooth compatible too. This makes it easy and convenient to connect it to different devices to access the music of your choice. 

  • Two microphones
  • Customizable settings
  • Perfect for dance parties as well as karaoke nights
  • Great for kids
  • Lacks Durability

Buying Guide

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Why do we recommend these products?

All the above-mentioned products have unique characteristics and qualities that are different from each other in numerous ways. With thought and consideration, all these music systems range from sizes to usage offering multiple options to choose from. 


All the above music systems are unique in their own way and the account to be good and suitable. As per different homes and different occasions, these systems can be chosen. With the facts and features listed out with each respective product, we hope you can reach out to your best music system for home India. With the guidance and thought on the above, we hope you land on your appropriate sound partner. Experience the mindfulness with music in the comfort of your houses. Because a person who listens to music is always a happy person!