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Storing and capturing moments on your mobile phones is the new trend. Trips, random outings with friends or just a casual photoshoot of yourself, everything requires a standard camera and a supporting tripod. With the excellent camera quality of your mobile phone, who needs to carry a bulky camera along? A suitable tripod can take care of all these needs.

To make your phone snaps just as perfect as that of a camera, we bring you a list of some of the best tripods for mobilesAlong with the list, the article also contains characteristics and features. This would further help you choose the best tripods for your mobile phones. 

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1. Dabster 3110 Portable & Foldable Camera Mobile Tripod with Clip Holder

Topping the list is this super adjustable mobile tripod by Dabster. This tripod is effortlessly accommodative that is flexible in all ways possible. From its wide legs to the phone bracket, you can adjust it as you feel like. With its three way head, it is the most versatile making it easy to shift its orientations. You are a landscape lover or a portrait person, this tripod has got you covered for all your snap skills.  

  • Lever-lock legs with four extension sections provide ease in set-ups.
  • One can separately adjust the height of each leg.
  • It can be fully extended to a height of 105 cm.
  • Ease to use, flexible, and lightweight bracket of the phone.
  • It comes with a 360-degree swiveling feature to enable all panoramic possibilities.
  • With the Tripod Centre Shaft Jacking button, adjusting and altering the height and the movement cannot be flexibly controlled.

2. Alfort Phone Tripod, Portable Flexible Mini Tripod with Wireless Remote Shutter Mini Tripod Stand

For holidays to the beach or the mountains, this small, compact and super flexible mobile phone tripod is perfect. A lightweight body and a mini size make it a perfect travel buddy. It can easily fit in your purse or your hand baggage. Bluetooth remote control adds to the convenience of the tripod, providing a hands free experience. Group selfies, landscapes, portraits or vlogs, this tripod is just perfect for all!

  • This tripod comes along a Bluetooth remote control.
  • Has a 360-degree rotating ball on the top for the perfect view.
  • Apple, as well as Android mobile phones,work excellently with this tripod. 
  • Balancing the tripod on the plain as well as rocky surfaces is easy because of its flexible legs.
  • To click any kind of pictures, these legs can be set at any angle. 
  • No extra support provided.

3. V-Star Premium Smartphone Holder/Vertical and Horizontal Tripod Mount Adapter Rotatable Bracket

The next tripod comes bearing two different modes of use. This smartphone tripod runs on a screw mechanism. This makes it easier to rotate it in almost any direction as you like. You can either screw this up on your tripod or remove the pivoting arm and then screw it up. Selfie sticks, cameras, webcams, pico projectors and many more can also be attached to the tripod. Due to its versatility, the tripod is also known as a mount adapter.

  • The aluminum allows in the material provide with plastic and a soft silica pads secure the phones against scratch and fall.
  • Can be used with most smartphones, cameras, selfie sticks, pico projectors, tripods, unipods, etc.
  • Compact in size with adjustable width
  • Can be attached on your car dashboards or your treadmills
  • Quality needs to be checked before the purchase.

4. Datalact Tripod-3120 40.2 Inch Portable Camera Tripod with Three-Dimensional Head

Next on the list is a tripod that is not just perfect for mobile phones but also for cameras. This tripod is lightweight but has good strength to support your mobile phone. This allows you to click amazing pictures of the beautifulness around. It has a flexible and adjustable mobile bracket that is adjustable.

Catering to all your outdoor photography activities, the leg stand has a firm bubble base. This supports the tripod on whatever surface you place it on. Along with the body, the head of the tripod can also be adjusted. You can change the direction of the head in three different ways. With these features, this tripod is considered to be one of the best mobile tripod. So, carry it around for clicking the most wonderful, award-winning pictures with your mobile phones. 

  • Value of money for the functions provided at affordable price.
  • Separately adjustable legs for uneven surfaces like rocky areas.
  • It comes with a level tester to help with the adjustment of legs for keeping level.
  • Optimum safety with non-slippery feet of rubber.
  • 3-way head swivels with 360 degrees for horizontal and 90 degrees vertical.
  • No extra attachments provided.

5. Phone Tripod, COMAN Mini Flexible Tripod

Moving on, the tripod for mobile phones is a super flexible one. Starting with its most outstanding feature that is its foldable legs! Yes, it has very flexible legs that help in giving it a shape that you wish for. The material used to build the same is a strong rubber. To support your mobile phones in all ways possible, this material can be molded in all directions.

  • Slipping is not a problem with this tripod as the rubber quality is premium.
  • The tripod can be used in a multi-directional style. 
  • Works with all smartphones, GoPro, digital and web cameras that have a width up to 3.35 inches.
  • The wireless remote control enables shots from 30 feet away and selfies.
  • Price is not competitive with other tripods.

6. Mobile Gear Flexible Velvet Finish Tripod for Mobiles & DSLR Cameras with Universal Attachment (Black, 10-inch)

This tripod on the list is not just lightweight but is flexible too. You can easily use it on different surfaces. This tripod is not just protective but looks gorgeous too. It has a velvet finish to itself to enhance the looks of the same. From placing it over a stone to wrapping in around a tree branch, it works wonders.

It has a strong built. Non-slip foam material is used for the making of the tripod that protects your mobile. This keeps your gadgets secure and safe.

  • Highly compact and easy to carry.
  • Attractive looking with elegant velvet touch finish.
  • Foldable tripod with legs that can be bent.
  • Bold head of the tripods makes sliding in and out of the gadgets highly convenient.
  • Problem of weight can occur.

7. Ionix Generic 3110 Tripod Stand for Phone and Camera Adjustable Aluminium Alloy Tripod

Last on the list is this brilliant tripod with a universal phone holder. To offer excellent grip and strength, this tripod is made from an alloy of high-quality metal. It securely comes along a small bag that keeps all your equipment safe. Moving the camera or your mobile phone is very convenient with the tripod’s flexible neck.

  • Legs can be adjusted optimally with the help of level tester.
  • This has section legs that can extend too. 
  • Has the special feature of bubble leave head that can swivel, tilt, and pan.
  • Centre shaft jacking enables either fixing the height or loosening for smooth vertical movements.
  • It does not come with a warranty.

Buying Guide

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All the above-mentioned best tripod for mobile in India have unique characteristics and qualities that are different from each other in numerous ways. With thought and consideration, all these tripods range from sizes to usage, offering multiple options to choose from. Thinking through the many available options and the characteristics that greatly range can lead you to the most suitable tripod. 

With the facts and features listed out with each product, you can find your best tripod for mobile in India. With the guidance and thought on the above, you can choose the most appropriate support systems for your mobile phones.  

Frequently Asked Questions

You must always keep the tripods dry. Always have a microfiber cloth with you to dry and clean the tripod. Good maintenance goes a long way in protecting them against damage.

Both the 3-way head and ball head provide flexibility in taking the shot. It is a panning head that helps in adjusting the 3 axes. A ball head, on the other hand, is a metal ball held inside the tripod head. The camera is placed on this metal ball head.