The Best Wedding Gifts For Friends India in 2020!


Wipro Garnet 6W LED Table lamp-3 grade dimming and color changing

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Avighna Women’s Clutch, Watch With Perfume (AG-A69_Multicolored)

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Ananth Jewels BIS Hallmarked 10 grams Pure Silver Coin/Bar

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A wedding is a religious bond between two individuals who pledge to look after one another and love one another. Indian weddings are pompous and glamorous weekly events. There is a lot of color, music, and food that keeps the relatives and guests entertained. You must be careful to suit your budget if you’re looking for the right wedding presents for friends who get married. In consequence, the love your friends have will also be symbolic. Here are a couple of gifts carefully chosen which will bring your friend with a lot of joy!

Best wedding gifts for friends



1. ALDIVO 12x12-inch Happy Wedding Printed Cushion Cover with Filler

The best way to show love to your friend would be gifting this cute set that wishes them a “Happy Wedding.” the set contains a pillow, a card, a mug, and a key chain that is sure to make your friend happy! It is the perfect marriage gift as it is very thoughtful and useful. The pillow can be easily washed by a machine tumble dry while the print on the mug is food grade. Due to the beautiful design, it will be an easy favorite. Because of its versatile nature, the pillow can be placed on the couch or bed. The experience of your favorite cocktail can be used every day.

  • Artistic design with marriage theme
  • Durable for everyday use
  • Quality printing
  •  Unavailability of gift packing option
  •  The key chain may not last for long.

2. MSA Antique 999 Silver Plated Traditional Pagdi Ganesha With Velvet Box

Lord Ganesh, the Hindu elephant god, is called an obstacle remover. His main position in Hindu mythology is Sage Vyasa’s Mahabharat. He is recognized as the author. The most sought after wedding gift is the antique Ganesha. After all, who wouldn’t love a smooth married life? This cute little Ganesha is the testimony of craftsmanship and culture. It is metallic in color and is a very famous posture of Lord Ganesh. The metal used is very durable aluminum. It is small and can therefore easily be mounted in the puja room or on the display case!

  •  Elegant box packaging
  •  Long-lasting
  •  Beautiful gift for loved ones
  •  Budget-friendly
  •  Hard to clean
  •  Constant exposure to metal can lead to damage

3. Avighna Women's Clutch, Watch With Perfume (AG-A69_Multicolored)

This wedding gift is every girl’s dream! It has an exotic perfume, a clutch wallet, and a silver watch. It is packed in a pink coated box to complete it all.The products have been produced to meet long-lasting standards that are sure to keep your loved one smiling. You are sure to feel a sensation of self-gratification when you gift this to your friend on her wedding day. Not only will it make her feel fashionable, but it will also add an aura of glamour! Adding a dash of perfume is sure to bring people to their knees.

  •  Long-lasting
  •  Fashionable statement
  •  Ideal wedding gift
  •  Not unisex
  •  Not very durable

4. FLINTSTOP Plastic Color Changing Mug - Multicolour

Is there a better way to booze than with a light mug? Here is an eye-catching LED-powered mug that is sure to keep the eyes of everyone in the room on you! The colors auto fade and flash automatically. The icing on the cake is that when water is added to the taste it glows automatically! The product, be it tea or coffee, can be used daily. You still have to fight with your mate, if you are tired, to see if you finish all the drinks first and turn the Lead off! It is sure to set the pace for romance!

  •  Colorful and lively
  •  Budget-friendly
  •  Utility product
  •  Battery is not long-lasting
  •  Normal quality mug

5. Ananth Jewels BIS Hallmarked 10 grams Pure Silver Coin/Bar

Silver is a valued precious metal for a long time and as a result, everyone favors it as a gift. These days, silver is a long-lasting source of investment. But what is better is a silver bar marked with wedding wishes! The BIS hallmarked silver coin/bar is the best gift for a wedding. It is 10 grams and is made of pure silver. To top it all, it is a “Make in India” product! Every message you wish to relay can be written on the coin and packaged in donations according to your preferences.

  •  Available in 5/10/20/100 grams
  •  BIS Hallmark
  •  Pure silver
  •  The silver tends to get oxidized on exposure to air.
  •  Maybe a counterfeit product

6. Wipro Garnet 6W LED Table lamp-3 grade dimming and color changing

The gift of light is symbolic of imparting knowledge. This cool table lamp can give you three different colors of daylight, a neutral white or a warm white. The design is very user friendly and easy to handle. The package comes with an adapter and a light dimming control. Wipro has given a quality product that is very energy efficient. Looks like Greta’s pleas were heard! The lamp comes with a one year warranty and durability.

  •  Luxurious and sleek design
  •  Dimming feature
  •  Colour feature
  •  Touch control
  •  Not rechargeable
  •  Can get heated up easily

7. Philips 61013 Air 5-Watt LED Desklight (Black)

The Philips 61013 is a sleekly designed electric lamp that can be gifted to your friend on their wedding! The minimalistic design adds an aura of classiness to your decor. It is an LED light that comes with a two-year warranty. It derives its power from an adapter. The icing on the cake is that it requires less storage space as it is foldable. It can be used for reading, cooking, or even if you simply need a ray of light!

  •  Localized light for a given task
  •  No eye strain
  •  Long-lasting
  •  Unisex gift
  •  Not rechargeable
  •  It can get heated up easily.

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The truth of your friend getting married is indeed hard to swallow especially if your friendship has been long-lasting. When you choose a wedding gift for them, it must be an epitome of your love for them. This is why it is important to choose the best wedding gifts for friends. The value of your gift will be priceless if it has been given from your heart. When you take a look at these suggestions, you are sure to set your eyes on a gift that will be loved by your friend! So what are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

The guiding principle is to spend on the groom/bride what they would have spent on you. This may be a vague principle, but the best gift is the gift that comes from the heart. If your friend is getting married, you can get any gift that symbolizes your friendship.

Many cultures traditionally accept money as a wedding gift. If you do not wish to give money directly, you can always give money coupons instead. It is certainly a useful gift as the happy couple can put the money to use on something they like in common.

As soon as you receive the invitation! This will certainly save the couple from the trouble of transporting gifts from the venue. If not, you can always hand it over to your friend at the reception or place it at opt that has been designated for it.

Individuals with chronic illnesses like low blood pressure, hypertension, and even pregnant women, should avoid taking sleeping pills at all costs.